Wednesday, January 31, 2007

100 Greatest Red Sox >> #101: Wally

Wally the Green Monster, Mascot, #97 (1997 - present)

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Wally the Green Monster is the official mascot for the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball team. The etymology of his name is derived from the Green Monster nickname of the 37-foot wall in left field at Fenway Park. Wally debuted in 1997 to the chagrin of many older Red Sox fans. Although he was a hit with children, the older fans did not immediately adopt him as part of the franchise. As of 2006, Wally has become a popular mascot for fans of all ages, largely due to broadcaster Jerry Remy creating stories about him and sharing them during televised games.

Tim Daloisio writes at the Red Sox Times (more author bio info here)

Test Post and Posting Thougths

I'll delete this once we get this up and running, but I needed to test out the posts and lay out a few things for post guidelines.

All posts should have a similar look and feel....I'll work on that and post a sample post with a dummy player, etc.

We'll use the labels as follows: Years played for the Red Sox (1901, 1902, 1903, etc) and positions played (please use 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C, RF, LF, CF, SP, RP, CL (cl is special for those designated as "closer"), Manager, Owner, Front Office, Team.

I'll be responsible for editing the posts for formatting and labels etc after they go live to ensure consistency.

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