Thursday, February 15, 2007

100 Greatest Red Sox >> #81 Jeff Reardon

Jeff Reardon, RP, #41 (1990-1992)

150 G, 3.41 ERA, 88 SV

Jeff Reardon spent a few years in the latter part of his career as a closer for the Red Sox. Reardon broke into the big leagues in 1979 with the New York Mets, but became one of baseball's best closers for the Montreal Expos and Minnesota Twins throughout the 1980's.

The Sox signed Reardon for the 1990 season, and Jeff led the bullpen with 21 saves for the 1990 division winning Red Sox. However Reardon struggled in the ALCS against the Oakland A's., giving up a couple of runs in a Game 2 loss, and losing the confidence of manager Joe Morgan. The Red Sox were swept by the A's 4 games to none. Reardon was named to the 1991 All Star team, pitching 2/3 of a scorless inning in the American League's 4-2 victory. He earned annual save totals of 21, 40 and 27 before he was traded to the Atlanta Braves late in the 1992 season.

While with the Red Sox in June 1992, Reardon temporarily became the all times saves leader when he earned career save number 342. Jeff was the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to have 40 saves in a season for 3 different teams. He did it with the 1985 Montreal Expos,1988 Minnesota Twins and 1991 Boston Red Sox. Reardon is 4th among saves leaders for the Red Sox, with 88 career saves. Only Bob Stanley, Dick Radatz and Ellis Kinder saved more games for the Sox.

Player Biography by John from Sox Fan Zone


Brian Martin said...

People can complain about Daubach all they want, but I think this has been our biggest mistake so far. This guy is a borderline candidate for the list. He is absolutely not 82nd. Sparky Lyle and Tom Burgmeier were both better than this guy and they barely made it. He's 4th all-time on the Sox list in saves? How about 11th inning doubles in the month of August while batting left handed? That stat is just as important than saves.

John said...

Yeah as I was writing this I thought the same thing - this guy (Reardon) should be around number 98 or so, not in the 80's

Brian Martin said...

And while we're on the topic of overrated Boston closers, how's about we take Lee Smith off the list all together.

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